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Cabinet Portier
Upcoming Asian Art auctions

Specialized in Asian Art, the Cabinet Portier is one of the oldest appraisal offices in France, working in partnership with many auction houses or institutions in France and Europe. Experts in their field since 1909, Portier’s archives and experience enable them to follow the evolution of the market as closely as possible. 


At the end of March, Cabinet Portier is pleased to present three upcoming sales at Hôtel Drouot:



Tessier Sarrou

Friday 29 March 2024 at 2pm - Drouot, room 6

Viewing Wednesday 27 March from 11am to 7pm, Thursday 28 March from 11am to 8 pm and Friday 29 March from 11am to 12pm.


The auction will feature a fine collection of Chinese porcelain dating from the Kangxi period, as well as Chinese objects of remarkable decoration and technique.

Lot 270

CHINA, KANGXI period (1662 - 1722)

A pair of underglaze-blue and polychrome enamelled "wucai" porcelain vases decorated with reserves of rocky outcrops in bloom with peonies on a latticework background. The shoulder is decorated with peonies. 


Height: 30 cm

Estimate 2.000/3.000 Euros


Lot 293

CHINA, KANGXI period (1662 - 1722)

Cone-shaped underglaze-blue porcelain vase decorated with a fisherman at the water's edge in the lower part, two dragon and rock medallions, the neck decorated with rocks and a mountainous landscape.

Height: 45 cm

Estimate 6.000/8.000 Euros

Lot 296

CHINA, circa 1900

A tripod boxwood brushpot (Bi tong) carved in high relief with cranes perched on pine trees, surrounded by bamboo, plum trees and Lingzhi mushrooms, in the middle a badger sticks its head out of a hole in a tree.

Signature and engraved seal of KE Shiren.

The foot and border are encircled with hardwood.

(Natural chips, wear)

Height: 21.5 cm

Reference: a boxwood sculpture by KE Shiren in the Fujian Museum.

Estimate 4.000/5.000 Euros




L’Huillier & Associés

Collection Nguyen Huu-Hào – Lê Phat Dat & Gustave Fayet

Friday 29 March 2024 at 2pm - Drouot, room 6

Viewing Wednesday 27 March 2024 from 11am to 6pm, Thursday 28 March from 11am to 8pm and Friday 29 March from 11am to 12pm.


This auction will feature blue-and-white porcelain, produced in China for Vietnam, from the collection of Agnès Nguyen Huu-Hào, sister of the last empress of Annam, Nam Phuong.

Lot 57

CHINA FOR VIETNAM, 18th century

Underglaze-blue porcelain cup decorated with a dragon and a phoenix in clouds facing each other around the flamed pearl. The reverse with similar decoration and the mark "Nội Phủ Thị Hữu" (inner residence, right palace). The rim ringed with metal (scratches).

Diameter: 18.4 cm

The right palace (Thị Hữu) during the era of Trịnh Sâm (1739-1782) was the palace reserved for the first wives and principal concubines. The image of the phoenix represents the empress or noblewoman.

Estimate 4.000/6.000 Euros

57 (2).png


Arts d’Asie

Friday 05 April 2024 at 1.30pm - Drouot, room 2

Viewing Wednesday 03 April 2024 from 11am to 6pm, Thursday 04 April from 11am to 8pm and Friday 05 April from 11am to 12pm.


Lot 81


Pham Hau (1903-1995)

Young women strolling

Lacquer and eggshell four-panel folding screen

Signed on the right Pham Hau followed by the artist's stamp

(Minor accidents)

Total size 109 x 128 cm; L. each panel 31.5 cm

Estimate 50.000/70.000 Euros

Contacts :


Tessier, Sarrou & Associés

8, rue Saint-Marc - 75002 Paris

Tel. : +33 (0)1 40 13 07 79

L’Huillier & Associés 
17, rue Drouot – 75009 Paris

Tel : + (0)1 47 70 36 16 



32, rue Drouot

75009 Paris

Tel. +33 (0)1 47 70 40 00

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