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Upcoming Asian art auctions :
Aponem - Hôtel des ventes de Cergy-Pontoise -

"From Vietnam to China: 100 years of collections”

Aponem - Hôtel des ventes de Cergy-Pontoise will hold an exceptional sale on March 14. This sale is dedicated to the same unique family that started its collection in Vietnam in the 1920s and was enriched in Paris by descendants throughout the 20th century. Most of the objects presented in this sale have never been seen before.

Aponem 1.jpg

The Langlois collection

Jean Langlois (1896-1949) arrived in Vietnam in 1920. After the war, he decided to stay in Vietnam where he worked as an engineer for the Société de Construction des Chemins de Fer Indochinois. In 1949 during a train attack fomented by the Viet-Minh, he was imprisoned and executed on the same day. His wife and two sons came back to France in Burgundy near Dijon, where Jean Langlois was a native of and brought with them all the works of art they acquired during more than 30 years living in Asia. Once in France, his family continued to buy Chinese works of art on the French art market paying tribute to Jean Langlois's memory.

Two remarkable works

Lot 145: CHINA 19th century,

An important two-sided carved wood pharmacy front

This pharmacy front depicts theatrical scenes played out before a mandarin seated on a throne accompanied by two maids holding large fans and surrounded by twenty actors in pavilions and in a landscape.

The sides are decorated with phoenixes on pine branches supporting baskets of chrysanthemums. Below the main scene, another scene in high relief of four immortals fighting against demons riding a dragon and a carp. 

In the lower part, a text: offered by the Wan Fu Tang (Hall of Ten Thousand Happinesses) pharmacy of Nan Yi city in the middle of spring of the third year of Guangxu (1877). The lower part is decorated with intertwined pearls and holding tassels.                                                  

H. 158 cm; W. 283

Aponem 2.jpg
Aponem 4.jpg

Lot 50: CHINA, MING DYNASTY (1368-1644),

LATE 15 th -EARLY 16 th CENTURY, Guan baluster jar 

In porcelain glazed turquoise blue, yellow and manganese called fahua and reticulated with double walls of three go players accompanied by a servant under the pines and four immortals under the pines among large clouds, the shoulder decorated with an openwork frieze of peonies in their foliage, the neck decorated with clouds. The inner part decorated with friezes and lotus petals.

H. 37 cm

Date of the event:  

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at 2pm

Place of the sale :

APONEM - Hôtel des ventes de Cergy-Pontoise

41, rue des Fossettes, 95650 Génincourt

Catalog of the sale :

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