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Next sale of Arts of Asia : TAJAN

April 12, 2023 - TAJAN - 37 rue des Mathurins 75008 PARIS

As the trees blossom, Tajan celebrates the end of winter with its first auction of 2023 dedicated to Asian art. The sale will take place on Wednesday 12 April from 1:30 pm and will be preceded by an exhibition of lots from Monday 3 April. In partnership with AFAO (Association française des amis de l'Orient), a guided tour will be held in the exhibition on Thursday April 6 at 11 am led by our specialist Mrs WANG Wei, followed by a free appraisal session for participants.

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 Lot 42. Korea, 19th century, An ink and colour painting of Indra with ten divines guardians

"The porcelain of China! This porcelain superior to all the porcelains of the earth! This porcelain that has made for centuries, and all over the globe, enthusiasts more mad than all other branches of curiosity!"

This passion, professed by Edmond de Goncourt in Une maison d'artiste, is one that Tajan has shared since its foundation. Indeed, not a single year has gone by without the auction house organizing two to four auctions devoted to the arts of the Far East (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia), from Antiquity to the 1950s, for Chinese painting. These auctions have been a constant success and the latest results have only confirmed this. This is why, with its constantly enriched and updated database of international connoisseurs, collectors and professionals, and its carefully compiled catalogs, Tajan is a historic and leading player on the world market for Far Eastern art.

Lot 79 :

A wooden Chûjô mask

Japan, Edo period.

In light wood painted in light bistre. Face in regular oval, smooth, with almost effaced features. The nose is fleshy, with swollen nostrils; the mouth is open, thin, with lips highlighted with red, showing an upper row of black teeth. A signature is engraved in negative of 'sugame' on the back of the mask.

This Chûjô mask represents a young man of the aristocracy of the classical Heian period (VIII - XII centuries). He is recognizable by his raised eyebrows, slightly frowned, which express a deep sadness. This affected melancholy is often used to embody the drama of Prince Genji in the Tale of Genji, or that of a young warrior who appears to his widow in a dream and tells her about his drowning, at the time of the fall of the Heike clan.

DIM. 20,5 X 13,3 CM (8 1/16 X 5 1/4 IN.)

Lot 75 :


Japan, Iwai school, early Edo period, 17th century.

In natural iron of Ressei type, Etchu-bo style, enhanced by a thick moustache, removable nose, face underlined by yasurime, parallel stripes slightly incised, red lacquered reverse side; the yodarekake with four black lacquered strips, in kittsukozane, laced together in blue kebiki-odoshi.

The term Etchu-bo comes from the honorary title "Chu no Kami" attributed to Hosokawa Tadaoki Sansai (1564-1645), a famous samurai famous for wearing this type of mask.

This style was one of the specialties of the great blacksmith Iwai Yozaemon, who lived towards the end of the Momoyama period and at the beginning of the Edo period (end of the 16th century and beginning of the 17th century), and founded the Iwai school, one of the oldest schools of armorers. Noticed by Tokugawa Ieyasu, who later became the first shogun of Togugawa, Yozaemon was elevated to the rank of chief gunsmith of Bakufu (shogunal government).

HEIGHT. TOTAL : 23,2 CM (9 1/8 IN.) - WIDTH. MAX. : 18 CM (7 1/16 IN.)

Lot 65. Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912). A gilt and polychrome decorated six-fold screen, Byobu. Decorated with court scenes of the Heian period. Beautiful composition of the decoration by the alternation of gilded clouds and polychrome scenes.

Dates of the event:

Exhibition from April 3 to 7, 2023

Guided tour + free appraisals and evaluations by the experts :

Guided tour

Sale on April 12, 2023 at 2 pm - 37 rue des Mathurins 75008 PARIS

More information: Tajan - Asian Art Sale



Déborah Teboul / Director

+33 1 53 30 30 57

Wei Wang / Spécialist

+33 1 53 30 30 65

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